Monday, March 30, 2009

The Traveling Pants of Inspiration

Does this award make my butt look big?

Vesper has bestowed upon the Vortex the Sisterhood Award, not because I steal her makeup and wear her unmentionables outside my clothing at the first sign of a date coming to pick her up, but because something about navel-gazing philosophy, time travel and countless chest hair references gives her pause. Oh ye of windswept poetry, I am honored you feel a kinship. Thank you!

And to go along with the coveted derriere award, she invited me to play a round of Who-Were-My-Writing-Inspirations? This was an activity I did five years ago when I took a writing class on voice. Instead of following trends and being at the mercy of a publishing market no one can predict with any certainty, we were told the true writer within could be found in the cross-hairs of things we love. Here are the 25 authors who have had the most impact on my writing:

1. Kathleen Woodiwiss
2. Peter Abrams
3. Stephen King
4. Herbert Leiberman
5. LaVyrle Spencer
6. Dwight Swain
7. Victoria Holt
8. Dean Koontz
9. Jude Devereaux
10. Madeline L'Engle
11. Edgar Allan Poe
12. Lois Duncan
13. Robert Heinlein
14. Richard Matheson
15. Daphne du Maurier
16. Nathaniel Hawthorne
17. Agatha Christie
18. Anne Stuart
19. Susan Carroll
20. H.G. Wells
21. Michael Crichton
22. Julie Garwood
23. Kay Hooper
24. Natalie Goldberg
25. Jules Verne

Kind of a gothic, Twilight Zone meets luuuve, right? Who could have guessed that?

Because the Vortex shows no sexism and brotherhoods linked by flowery, bedazzled denim can be rewarding, too, I invite everyone-readers and writers-to leave two seemingly-opposite-sides-of-the-spectrum authors who have inspired you in the comments so that we may snag you in our literary cross-hairs.


Pamela Cayne said...

I would have to say Kathleen E. Woodiwiss is my #1, also (thank you The Wolf and The Dove)and I will seemingly-opposite add her with Donald E. Westlake, whose book SACRED MONSTER has always inspired me to reach for greater writing.

Vesper said...

Thanks for playing, L.A.! :-)

Nine names on your list ring some fine bells to me. But now I'm intrigued about Kathleen Woodiwiss...

Charles Gramlich said...

I've enjoyed a couple of Woodiwiss's books myself.

the walking man said...

Naw...Your butt looks great in thoose. (The wise man always says)

Seems that Stephen King is making just about everyone's list. We share a few there L.A.

Dickens and Bukowski would both be on any list I wrote of influences.

Miladysa said...

Great list!

Looks like the three of us all have a number of authors in common :D

L.A. Mitchell said...

Pam...strange that I don't have any of her books on my shelf, though. I'll have to check out Donald Westlake.

Vesper...she is old school romance. Keep that in mind if you pick her up :)

Charles...I applaud you for embracing your inner romantic...yeah for you!

Walking Man...IMHO, SK is THE BEST at characterization. And, you are a very wise man, indeed ;)

Miladysa...great to see you again :) Thanks for stopping by.