Thursday, February 22, 2007

A String in Time

In the early 1900s, a man named Tony Bassett created a bio-energizer, a machine that induced a state of higher awareness, an astral projection of sorts, by generating a strong static field. He believed time travel was possible within the human mind and people with heightened sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation were prime candidates. Think thunderstorms. Some of us are more sensitized to the ionization in the atmosphere than others. Could explain the number of births, or homicides, that take place in an energy-rich environment.

Test subjects reported tingling in the head, pressure from above them, migraine-like headaches. Nine of ten subjects claimed no reaction, but 10% experienced a thin line stretched out to infinity. A string tied to their bodies that disappeared into a black void.

Do you believe in astral projection? The ability of the human mind to to travel in space and time while the body's shell stays behind?

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Sandra Ferguson said...

I don't know, LA, if I can be creative enough to get into time travel. But you pose an interesting question -- what's to hold us in place besides our own bodies? So, if we could free ourselves from the limits of the physical realm, couldn't we go anywhere?

Worth considering!

NeedleUp Digitizing LLC said...

Actually, isn't the complete dream state we are in when we sleep a sort of astral projection? Who hasn't had the dream that seems so real and you remember every detail? You're visiting another place in your mind even though you're not consciously choosing a location. To your mind, it's real. (remember the wife's tale: if you jump off a building in a dream and you hit before you wake, you will die in your sleep)And for some reason, you never seem to be able to consciously alter the course of the dream; it always seems to just happen.....but what if......

Sherry Davis said...

Strangely, (or not so, however you choose) Edgar Casey, the Sleeping Prophet described the same "string theory" whenever he induced a trance.
I'm not surprised that 10% of the subjects experienced this. Also, I've had some pretty crazy "lucid dreams". :)