Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Obsessed with Time Travel? Me neither.

Last fall, while trying to focus dozens of ideas for stories in my head into something cohesive and meaty enough for a single-title work, I stumbled across this list of time travel movies. Basically, it's my list of what not to do, as it's been done before, but I like that its creator is obsessed enough about this subgenre to break it down into different types of time travel using a coded system.

If that list isn't complete enough for you, Aetherco's Time Travel Guide lists over 650 Television episodes and movies along with links to IMDb and networks to learn more.

My favorite time travel movies::

Somewhere in Time
The Love Letter
The Butterfly Effect
12 Monkeys
Donnie Darko

What's your favorite time travel movie and why?


Sherry Davis said...

Ooooh. Time travel movies? I like 'em, a lot! I didn't realize Donnie Darko was part of the genre, though.

I guess, my fave would have to be somewhere in time. But I totally respect the science of 12 Monkeys. I enjoyed Butterfly Effect, just couldn't suspend disbelief long enough to get into it. I kept thinking, "that's such bs!"

Sherry Davis said...

Whoa. I couldn't believe the amount of movies I've actually seen on that list!

Can I amend my all-time favorite time-travel movie?


It's actually my favorite movie, no matter what genre. I just love the second chance theme.

L.A. Mitchell said...

I don't know how you found that link. Apparently, blogger eats "l"s on the end of my link. Next time I'll double check...doah!