Friday, February 9, 2007

A Novel's Soundtrack

Some writers build collages or paint canvas to capture thoughts and images about their work-in-progress. A medium that gives the writer a deeper, more sensory connection to the piece, whether it be poetry or an epic novel. For me, that connection has always been music.

Because novels, from conception to finished product can take months--even years--to craft, the mood and attitude and context of what I'm listening to influence the project. An eclectic blend of songs tied to the personal struggles and pain of the characters.

When edits of a distant manuscript become necessary, a project no longer felt in the core of idle moments or on the cusp of waking thought, music can be an instant bridge to the world the author created. No matter the time that has transpired, no matter the distance the writer feels from the characters he thought he'd left behind like a friendship meant only for a season of life, music has the power to reconnect author to story. Notes to character.

Soundtrack for Chasing Midnight::

Toadies::Possum Kingdom:: inspired the boathouse scene near the book's climax
T. McGraw:: Please, Remember Me:: the emotional black moment for Beck
Crossfade:: Cold:: Beck's inner conflict
Foreigner:: Beck's final journey
Fuel:: Hemorrhage:: This song defined the book for me. I imagined Beck a less smacked-out, less bleached version of Brett Scallions. Mole and all. The inspiration at the book's conception. Watch the video. Maybe not what the reader had in mind for Beck, but he's there. Trust me.

What tracks are on the soundtrack to your WIP?

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Sherry Davis said...

Coheed & Cambria: Keeping Secrets of the Silent Earth.

Nickelback: All the Right Reasons

Evanescense: Anywhere but Home

I pretty much lived on these through the writing of Residuals: The Mender

I'm wondering if I should find something else for Book II or just add to the current list.

Any thoughts?