Friday, April 20, 2012

Dream Looping

I wanted to check in today because I miss everyone. Deadlines are a bugger-boo. I love that faithful Vortexers and friends Todd and Robin are celebrating new releases. Way to go, you two! The dream is alive and well. I can't wait to check them both out.

The ghostwriting project I'm working on is now in the editing stage. If  you would have ever said I could write a novel in five weeks, I would have asked what you were smoking. I have always written like a turtle on my projects. Maybe because they're deep and dark and heavy on symbolism and subplots and theme, and in my mind-a serious-novel. This project, in a word: fun.

Writers tend to lose that fun along the way. Our first project is breezy (mostly due to the plot holes) and reckless. Then writers learn conventions and rules and rules to break and industry expectations and the writer-to-project relationship becomes a long-term marriage where the writer takes writing for granted and the writing scratches itself in public and never, ever helps out around the house. Getting back in touch with the breezy and reckless side was like a fast love affair with my dreams. And it's not over yet. For three more weeks, I get to live in this world then give it away. No clinging ties, no messy breakup. Just gone. Poof!

So  you don't miss out on all the time travel goodness too much, here's a sneak peek at the upcoming film, Looper, starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


the walking man said...

You also in a ghost project get immediate gratification of being paid, when said project is done.

Loopers looks interesting a different spin on the age old paradox of meeting yourself in time travel. Which by the by are all time travelers without conscience...if not why has no one assassinated Hitler, Stalin or others of that ilk yet?

Charles Gramlich said...

Never done a ghost project. Have had a couple of opportunities but the timing wasn't right. Maybe one day. It would be an interesting experience.

Barbara Martin said...

I've been away and come back to see you're engaged in ghostwriting. Excellent.

Dixie said...

Sending good thoughts. I love the trailer. :))

Robin Bielman said...

Aww, thanks for mentioning me! That was really nice of you. ~hugs!~ I didn't realize you were ghostwriting. How very lucky for the other someone. And how wonderful that you've been enjoying it! It's so true what you said about losing the fun along the way. I keep reminding myself of that!

Happy writing!

Todd Wheeler said...

Many thanks for the props! And well done on your own project!

L.A. Mitchell said...

Okay, I acually commented here in early May, but Blogger ate it, so here goes again:

@WM...I'm curious, too-how they're going to get around that paradox.

@Charles...I highly recommend it, if only to stretch yourself as a writer. And get paid $$ :D

@Barbara...thanks for stopping by :) Long time, no "see"

@Dixie...Right back atcha, girl ;)

@Robin...sweet of you to say. I'm hoping sales are through the roof. Fun to think about ;)

@Todd...thank you. Can't wait to read yours:)