Tuesday, April 3, 2012

British Men With Gooey Centers

Today has been a whack day for productivity. Crazy release days for favorite books. Crazy storms. Crazy calls and texts from friends and family about said storms. I feel loved but behind schedule. Late afternoon is also my least-stellar time for optimum output...come to think of it...any output, so I'm happy to inform Vortexers that you all are getting sloppy seconds on my creativity. You're welcome.

It has been quite a while, so I'm guessing you figured out that the hot British guy on the beach has been more than a handful. And as delightfully tingly as that, no doubt, makes at least half of you, I can't begin to tell you-almost halfway through this ghostwriting experience-how much I have learned about myself as a writer. So much, it really deserves a Vortex 10 on the back end, once my final deadline has passed, but consider this a sneak preview.

I have learned to respect my limitations. Some writers have wrist and carpal tunnel issues. Some writers struggle with weight issues from such an inactive profession. Some endure self-flagellation over procrastination and writer's block. My limitations are my eyes. It's no secret I get ocular migraines-I've mentioned that here before-but it's hard to express how the unceasing marriage of eyes to back lit screen can lead to frightening results. Deliberately disobeying my eye doctor's instructions because I become so deeply engrossed in the story is both irresponsible and foolish. I have one pair of eyes in this lifetime, and I must start being the best steward of them possible.

I have learned that I am capable of a tremendous output when motivated by external deadlines. I've learned writing first person point of view comes from a minty-fresh, underused portion of my brain only previously accessed by writing this blog. Oh, and I've learned that listening to the male British accent to immerse myself in character is akin to a chocolate eclair on a diamond-encrusted platter of inspiration.

Going subterrainean again. Take care of yourselves and each other while I'm hanging with the Brit.


Charles Gramlich said...

Gooey centers!? I'm a bit afraid to ask more.

L.A. Mitchell said...

@Charles...and they say romance writers have dirty minds. sheesh. All good heroes have gooey centers. That's what makes us fall in love with them :)

Dixie said...

Oh for the love of gooey(sigh)