Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Charlie Sheen-ed Myself

Let's do some tidying, shall we? First, I enticed Vortexer Sherry to watch Unlikely Angel after my last post and was delighted to learn that I am not delusional or overly sentimental. It gave her that warm-all-over feeling in a sweet, non-Josh Holloway-kind-of-way, and she emailed to tell me about it.

The Time Twavel (I know, isn't that a corny Twitter-ish name?) Giveaway for retweets was a success. I hooked up with some fun new contacts and want to thank everyone who participated.

After being in Colorado for almost two weeks, I had some serious Vortex-obsessions to catch up on. Terra Nova (yes--I am still watching) dipped back into the time travel waters after being in campy-family Land of the Lost for too long. You can imagine my glee. I Charlie Sheen-ed myself in protest over my current Words With Friends battle when my random opponent insisted that qui was a word. Um, yeah. Last I checked, we weren't playing in Latin. I watched a 1948 movie called Portrait of Jeannie about a struggling artist who falls in love with a woman who visits him from the past (I know, right?). I also sank packed snow the size of a softball down a loved one's shirt. Does it get any better than that?

My domain renewal reminded me a few days ago that I began this whole blogging thing five years ago this month. Must. Think. Of. Celebratory. Fun. There were times I seriously considered giving it up but couldn't. You either love blogging or you don't. I guess I fall into the love category. Love of Fabio, fiction and all the Vortex holds sacred. Mostly, that's you reading this. Thanks for coming back year after year and being a special part of my writing journey.


Charles Gramlich said...

You should get lots of hits on the title alone. "Charlie-sheened yourself." Sounds positively horrible! :)

Robin Bielman said...

Happy New Year, L.A.!

Don't even get me started on Words With Friends. It sounds like you had a wonderful two weeks. Best wishes in the new year!

dcrelief said...

Just to touch some snow would inspire me ~ lucky you!
Love your blog. Happy New Year.

L.A. Mitchell said...

@Charles...I *did* think twice about it. I'm pretty sure some form of Sheen will enter the pop culture vernacular.

@Robin...WHY oh WHY do people try to play illegal words? When they get 32 points off of it, THAT's when I get all Sheen-ed :)

@DC...Thank you! Happy New Year back @ ya