Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rah Rah Day

Anyone want to play a game called Time Travel Over Hong Kong? Sweet. Me, too.
I have a framed quote on my writing desk given to me by the peanut buster parfait of critique partners (sweet, nutty and just this side of heavenly). I love its message, but I'm left with a question:

Every goal that has ever been

reached began with just one

step-and the belief that it could be attained.

When the road becomes

hard to travel and it feels as if you'll never

reach the end...look deep inside your heart

and you will find strength

you never knew you had.

Believe in yourself-

and remember that

I believe in you, too.

~Jason Blume

The question?

Who is this Jason Blume fellow? Is he channeling Celine Dion? Does he look like this when he's in deep philosophical mode?What would any internet savvy girl do in this situation? Google him. Not Sawyer. Wait...
Google Mr. Blume, I mean.
Turns out he 's most likely a songwriter with such gems as Britney Spears's "Yeahea yeahea yea oh"(Dear Diary) and Leslie Mill's (who??) "Every night in my dreams...(Wings)" Holy cow, he is channeling Celine. If he's not waxing poetic on the initial tingles of infatuation he's lifting us up on wings of aspiration rah-rah. If only Mr. Blume could write me a song dealing with the initial tingle of a three-book deal. That would truly be my heart song.
For now, this tiny, framed piece of rah-rah is enough. Thank you, Mr. Blume.
Update: On a completely different rah-rah, the opening to my latest work-in-progress finaled in Leigh Michael and Rachelle Chase's Chase the Dream contest. You can read the opening here. Be sure to spread some Vortex love. I have some fiction hanging out for the world to read.
I know you have a quote near your computer. Lay it on us. It's rah-rah day.


the walking man said...

O am not going to lie to you Laura. I have no quotes or deep philosophical saying anywhere within my field of view. But if I turn my head 180 degrees I can look at the box that holds my George W Bush Voodoo doll (with pins) and that inspires me.

Todd Wheeler said...

From the tough love department:
"You're a writer, dammit. Act like one." -J.A. Konrath

Katie Reus said...

I have a couple quotes near my computer. One is this ceramic 'thing' (don't know what to call it) that simply says 'Imagine'. I love it! And, I have one taped to my computer that says 'If you're not getting a rejection once a day you're not trying hard enough'. That one is more relative to my early writing days but it's also a favorite :)

Pamela Cayne said...

I was all set to do quotes and other rah-rah stuff, but I went over and read your Chase the Dream entry, and was totally blown away!

If this is what you entered for the GH, get ready to finally meet your long-lost sister, because you're going to final and go to Nashville! Damn--that is some amazing writing!!!

Charles Gramlich said...

But is MR. Blume a real person? Are you sure? Should we believe in him?

L.A. Mitchell said...

@walkingman-Why in a box? Why not keep him out for the world to see?

@Todd-I LOVE it. Which reminds me, my page count doesn't come from a fairy wand. Must. Get. Offline.

@Katie-I think I have that same imagine thing in my bathroom. Was it part of a set--I think the others were "peace" and "belly button lint"...j/k. I don't remember the third.

@Pamela-I'm pretty sure I'm writing you into my will today *grin* Thanks, sista

@Charles- I tried really hard to find other potential Blumes, but when I clicked on page 32 of my Google search, songwriter guy still surfaced. He's hugely important in that industry. And writes touchy-feely for a guy. Thus the pop tunes.

Robin said...

Hey, L.A.! I also went over the to Chase the Dream contest page and wow! What an awesome opening! I second what Pam said and am in awe of your talent!

Hmm...quote near my computer - If You Believe...All Things Are Possible.

Hugs on your final!!

Marilyn Brant said...

L.A., congrats on finaling in Chase the Dream--that's a great contest!! Am headed there now...

And nothing against your Mr. Blume, but I *love* that picture of Sawyer. :)

the walking man said...

O keep it in the box because it might be the only legacy of any value the *&##@!%& leaves behind.

I had no problem seeing the kids leg stuck between the car and the support strut that held the wheel in place.

The opening pulled me in nicely Laura and once again you have accomplished your true intent and seduced me into a time suck (though of short duration, Thank You.)

the walking man said...

Ine day O woll hot the I key when O am aOmOng fir ot. Or look before I push the button.

L.A. Mitchell said...

@Robin-Aren't you a sweetie?! Thank you :)

@Marilyn-I should have posted a picture of "my" Mr. Blume. Trust me, I'm ALL over that sandy beach reading Ayn Rand right along beside him ;)

@walkingman-thanks for giving it a read WM :) And for the feedback on the bulb thing. There doesn't seem to be a consensus on whether it's fine as-is or needs more clarity.

laughingwolf said...

grats on the chase thingy, lam! :)

as for quotes nearby: nada :(

cc22 said...
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