Friday, September 18, 2009

Horror Novels and Hotties

Before I venture into dangerously superficial territory in the Vortex, I wanted to pass along information on the Fresh Blood Contest. Dorchester Publishing is seeking the best horror novel by an unpublished author. The winner will receive a contract for publication in Leisure's 2011 lineup as well as a 2011 limited-edition hardcover release sponsored by ChiZine Publications. Novels must be 80-90K words. Submission deadline: September 30, 2009. So many of my writing peeps who visit here write horror, I had to post. This mushy romance-girl has your back.

I'm populating my new work-in-progress and could use your help. This feels vaguely like a "casting call" to me. I suppose it is. I'm looking for inspirational photos of characters to populate my novel. I'm not one of those romance writers who does cartwheels over traditional cover models. I populate my novels with real men the reader and I create together. I give them just enough and they take it and sprint to their nearest fantasy. Thing is, my inspiration must start somewhere, and that's where this Friday party comes in.

Link away. Drop celebrity names. Send me your cousin's photo if he looks anything close to Drew Fuller. I need an alpha-male/warrior type, a professor-type, a lost soul and a swashbuckler-type. All brothers, all mid-to-late twenty-ish.

See how nicely I balanced the post to reflect the male-female Vortex-reader population? Horror novels and hotties. I love Fridays.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Jen FitzGerald said...

Well, the boy-rogue-charmer who is Jonas Armstrong sprang to mind immediately.

Check him out at my blog, there's a nice picture there. Or let's

Good luck...


Charles Gramlich said...

Whoa, I wish I had a horror novel finished to send them. NO chance of that, though. I don't really even understand the concept of hot guys so I'll have to pass on making any suggestions.

Pamela Cayne said...

Wow--good luck with your casting. I do have fun scouring google images when I'm getting ready for a book. So many times one person leads to another leads to The One.

So is Drew Fuller not in the running?

Pamela Cayne said...

Darn you for getting your casting call stuck in my head! *shakes fist* How's this guy for your swashbuckler? He's in my favorite band and in the new Robin Hood movie with Russell Crowe. His name's Alan Doyle and here's his mug:

laughingwolf said...

what charles sez...

hope your weekend finds your men! ;)

word verif: seticit

the walking man said...

Fat bald men who are twenty years older than you are hot!

Miladysa said...

OK - well - I'm not sharing him with everyone right? Just you and perhaps a few others... and remember... your not keeping him... he's on loan only. Never forget he is mine and he IS my Grispheran :)

Here you go:

Scroll down and watch the interview with Aidan Turner aka Dante Rossetti aka Grispheran


You will never be the same again...

Barbara Martin said...

My horror writing tends to have many other elements.

As to pinups for characters, I don't use them. I can visualize each character, even the antagonists. I tend to use horoscope charts to get a well rounded personality.

Sandra Ferguson said...

Yummy bodies! How titillating. Will you post the winners? I'll be back.

Hey, make sure you drop by. All things Aggies on board from this weekend.

L.A. Mitchell said...

@Jen - Thanks so much for playing :) He does have a certain boyish charm about him, doesn't he? I can see why you're hooked on Robinhood.

@Charles - I thought you might have a novel lurking about to enter. As for the hot factor, I shall someday give a tutorial here at the Vortex :)

@Pamela - I'm pleased to report that Drew Fuller *did* make the final cut for one of the brothers. Yum. As for Alan Doyle, a bit long in the tooth for my purposes, but I can see his hot factor potential :)

@laughingwolf - actually, the weekend found ALL my men, thanks for the good wishes. They must have helped. That, and a copy of GQ :)

@walkingman - If you would ever show us your face and quit being so mysterious, you might have made the cut ;)

@Miladysa - Mercy, I thought you were joking. The video was "unavailable in your area", but one google image search and I was a goner. I much prefer him with short hair, but I can understand your creative

@Barbara - I didn't know you dabbled in horror...I knew you wrote similar dark to mine. As for the visuals, I'm so happy you see them so clearly in your head. Must mean they're very vibrant on the page :)

@Sandra - I think I'll keep them all to myself :P. Let's just say I found them all and they're perfectly spectacular ;)

Miladysa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miladysa said...

What a pain that the video was unavailable - the series Desperate Romantics is probably winging it's way to your area though :)

The dark, thick, wavy, shoulder length hair is part of the attraction for me though.



Robin said...

Well darn it, I'm a little late again and you've already found all your men! I'm glad for that, and wish you happy, happy writing. If all your guys resemble Drew Fuller, I'm sure you will be happily writing. ;)