Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Better-than-Orange-Glow Links

Today's a link round-up kind of day. These usually come on a post-midnight caffeinated high, with a happy clicker finger and a cursor hovering dangerously close to my Stumble Upon button for prolonged periods of time. And because I'm feeling this for my words right nowand can think of little else but returning to them. Here's some fun, ultra-Vortex things I found:

Hourglass Cremation Urns for the discerning grief-stricken relative obsessed with time. Beautifully handcrafted in the USA, it's a special way to involve grandma in that game of Boggle you always shared. The site reads, "Each keepsake is made to hold a small portion of cremains. Many families are choosing to add a small portion of both Mom and Dad or other family members who have passed, perhaps together. Others have asked family members to add their cremains to their husband or wife's hourglass urn." Did they invent a new word? Cremains? Memo to family: I, no doubt, spent the better part of my life squeezing into designer jeans and parking spaces. If you want me to time your meatloaf for eternity, don't make me squeeze through with anyone but say, Hugh Jackman.

Vortex readers know how I love short, romantic films. This one called Signs will cost you twelve minutes but if you can get past the actor's gaping open-mouthed expressions, the warm fuzzy pay off is there. And don't you watch at least that many minutes a day of Billy Mays commericals?

A delicious feast of craptastic, non-Photoshopped book covers awaits you. Deemed the 15 Worst Book Covers Ever, you can't not look, right?

When I head to Washington D.C. this summer, I may have to check out the Multiverse 200 foot long tunnel in the National Gallery of Art. This will, no doubt, be the closest I'll ever come to light speed and time travel, unless I recreate the plot spew of my 2007 RWA editor appointment.

I'm off to hug my manuscript now. Link away!


the walking man said...

That I know who Billy Mays is without clicking through is troubling me and...

Here I was doing fine just passing through on the morning walk and I get suckered in to click the book cover link...Stayed for an hour...did you check the graffiti of Brazil?

Marilyn Brant said...

I got suckered into the book cover link, too...but, oh, well worth the time. (This was a subversive continuation of your Procrastination post, wasn't it, L.A.? :-) Never thought I see a book called The Gold Plated Garbage Truck. Priceless...

Pamela Cayne said...

Yeah, the book covers? Really had trouble seeing past the first one. In fact, I think it's still burned on my retinas.

laughingwolf said...

ain't lurv grand, lam? :O lol

Charles Gramlich said...

I'd like to visit that display. I used to have a display with lights on a black background that created a weird illusion of traveling through a wormhole.

L.A. Mitchell said...

@WalkingMan: and what does it say about me when you're checking out the social commentary of graffiti and I'm checking out the train-wreck perversion that is the 15 Worst Album

@Marilyn: it *was* my subversive attempt to add to our collective procrastination list :)

@Pamela: sorry about that first one, should have given a warning :)

@laughingwolf: glad you're feeling it here at the Vortex ;)

@Charles: I'm sure the walkway moves like a turtle, though. A roller coaster through one of these light displays would be awesome.

Vesper said...

So, hugging your manuscript? :-)

Nice to see this image again. I've paired it with a little poem of mine that you can read (if you feel like it) at