Friday, October 31, 2008

A Romantic Halloween

Romance and Halloween. Not so much, right? Think again. If costume-less teenage punks sinking their meaty fists into your candy bowl sounds less than appealing, grab your loved one tonight and try one of these ideas:

A midnight graveyard picnic
arrange to meet there if you dare

Create a haunted bedroom
candles, black rose petals, webs, red wine

A walk in the woods
Take along a blanket and flashlight and find the perfect spot to swap ghost stories or Halloween memories.

Fright Night at the Movies
Popcorn, candy and many, many opportunities to clutch your partner

Secret costumes
Arrive at a party or large club where everyone will be in costume, but don't tell each other what you'll be. Find each other through clues of body language or behavior-the way they dance, move, speak to others, choice of drink.

Costume party for two
No elaboration needed.

Nighttime pumpkin patch
Carve out some pumpkins and a time long after the trick or treaters have gone to bed. Spread autumn leaves on a blanket in the backyard (or bedroom), light the jack-o-lanterns, have a picnic of wine and dessert.

Love letter or poem
Write a love poem about all the ways your life would be scary without your love in it. Burn the edges of the paper and roll it up in twine or black ribbon. Found haunted love poems work well, too.

Have a great Halloween, everyone!


laughingwolf said...

ooo i could so get into these... but not alone :O lol

Barbara Martin said...

Love the variables, and what a choice...hmm, maybe one after the other.

Happy Halloween, L.A.

Charles Gramlich said...

Lana and have some plans. We both love halloween

Miladysa said...

Kinky ;D

Will Kinshella said...

For all us singles out there. It is merely peanut butter cups and booze tonight.

mmmm... peanut booze...

I am afraid I have already heavily indulged in both

L.A. Mitchell said...

Laughing Wolf and Will...I was remiss in not including singles activities, so here's an idea for next Halloween.

Fly solo to a costume party or club where everyone is dressed up armed with three written clues to your disguise. Find creative ways to send flattering compliments along with clues to someone you're interested in romancing. Tie one around a drink you buy anonymously through a waiter or send it into the ladies room via another party guest. Request a tune as the clue. You get the idea. Secret admirers always spark interest. If she still cannot guess, send her a message that you'll be on the dance floor at precisely midnight.

Or...Reese's sound good. My favorite :)

Hope everyone had a great holiday.

Stewart Sternberg said...

the haunted bedroom idea...I liked that. Next year. This year we had a party..and I wished we had done something like the bedroom instead. Whoa. Way...instead.

Melanie Atkins said...

Ha ha...I love these. You are too clever on this blog.