Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dr. Emmitt L. Brown Would Be Proud

Hello, friend. You'll get something in your Cheerios bowl from me, just for creativity. And, for knowing how to correctly spell capacitor. And, because I'm a softie. Oh, and my great aunt from 1977 Chicago wants her shirt back.


Sandra Ferguson said...

All right, you win again. Cool pic and perfect for you site!

You gotta appreciate some folks brass balls in asking for a hand-out. Of course, maybe he came with the lady we met at the Psychic Fair, but he's looking for his own ride back.

Happy writing.

Anonymous said...

I'd have guessed mid-eighties with the zipper pants.

Sherry Davis said...

I would so donate just for his ingenuity (and the correct spelling!). Great booksigning. Sorry I was so zoned out on migraine meds.