Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pay No Attention to the Woman Behind the Curtain

Can I begin to express to you what a delicious time-suck Stumble Upon is? Before, it was a non-issue. Something I'd check every month or so when I remembered. Now, with the addictive button taking up real estate in my browser, it calls out to me each time I'm viewing or reading something less than entertaining. It's like having a remote control that doesn't ever land on WWE or a Telemundo soap opera you wish you could understand. And it's restored my faith in humanity's creativity.

The best part? It constantly caters to your whim. With one click of a thumbs up or down rating, not only does it make you the Great and Powerful Oz of the current selection, but shapes your interests for future stumbles.

Who wouldn't want to experience a 360 degree rock climbing experience in Spain? If you love this like I do, check out the full-screen archives. I went to the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower this morning while drinking cranberry juice in my pjs.

How about something more intellectual? Psychology quizzes to determine your Brain Sex ID? I took the test on Disgust where you observe a photo and rate its level of ICK. Tell me what that did to the self-esteem of the poor man in photo 6. Cranberry Juice rating: put it down. Seriously.

My final gem is a parody of the homeland security website. I challenge you to read through these and not have cranberry juice coming out of your nose.

A final note: When selecting your interests for Stumble Upon, be sure to click photography and art. Every ten clicks or so, you'll be treated to something truly stunning that could change the outlook of your day better than a thousand words.

Let me know what you find...

Today in life: slaying ants
Today in novel: leaving on a steam-engine train bound for Denver, 1881

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Marilyn Brant said...

The psychology tests were great fun--I tried three of them. Especially LOVED the "fake smile" identifier :).