Friday, February 8, 2008

Residual Energy - Mine and "the others"

The Night Caller is a finalist in the Great Expectations contest! Happy times.

The McKay House Bed and Breakfast in Jefferson, Texas is the inspiration for this story. I've been there twice and something keeps drawing me back. The innkeeper, Hugh Lewis, is so gracious with the house's history. He even took one of his six antique wall phones apart for me to break down how it worked.

I haven't stayed in this room, yet, but it's the one I had in mind when I chose a room for Lillie, my heroine. It has matching claw-foot tubs in the adjacent bathroom with a history of guests creating their own olympic watersports. As I tried to find things in the space to tie my hero and heroine together, I kept returning to this window. Although the view from it changed slightly in one hundred and twenty years, one thing remained a powerful constant between them. Any guesses?

This is one of two rooms in the cottage behind the property. The outer structure used to be slave quarters. After the Ghost Walk tour Friday night, we took this photo. According to our tour guide, a scientist and converted paranormal skeptic, any perfectly shaped orb of light captured by a camera's lens is unexplained or residual energy. See if you can find it. The next day at breakfast, we found out the tiny urn on the mantel *supposedly* held ashes of unknown origin.

On my website, you'll find more photos of the non-haunted upstairs bedroom I "borrowed" for my heroine's sanctuary, as well as the staircase found in several scenes. If you're up for a ghostly picture from Friday night's tour, revisit this April 07 post.

Brain niggle today: Breaking Benjamin: Until the End

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Marilyn Brant said...

Congrats on the contest final, L.A.!! Keeping my fingers crossed for more good news from you :).