Friday, February 29, 2008

The Lost Month of Giveaways

The e-book release of the Love, Texas Style anthology is here! To get you in the mood to read The Lost Highway, enjoy an Elvis song that played a pivotal role in the story, tease your brain with the jigsaw puzzle below and gear up to enter the Lost Month of Giveaways Contest:

Every Thursday in March I’ll be selecting a winner. Check back often for updates and announcements. Good luck!

Three ways to enter:

(#1) Sign up for my e-group announcement loop powered by Yahoogroups(see sidebar). Your email address will remain secure and I’ll only pop up in your inbox when there’s fantastic news to shout about.

(#2) Mention The Lost Highway’s release on your blog with cover art and a link to The Wild Rose Press. Be sure to drop me an email at or post a comment here on my blog to let me know so I can visit.

(#3) Watch The Lost Highway’s book trailer and email me ( the answer to the question “What color is the ’59 Ford Thunderbird?” Please put CONTEST in the subject line.

Also, Refer a friend to participate and double your chances to win! Be sure to have your friend mention your name in his/her post or email.

Entrants will remain in the prize pool throughout the month and are eligible for all drawings.


--A Wild Rose Press Gift certificate valued at $10

--an Elvis Presley’s 30 #1 hits CD

--a time-travel 2 pack (my favorite time travel novel and movie)

--a basket of Texas-themed items

**One grand prize winner will receive a $25 Visa Gift card**

For more information and official rules, visit here.


Marilyn Brant said...

Whoo-hoo!!! Congrats, L.A. I posted some info about your contest and TWRP release on my blog (although I'm, sadly, not techno-savvy enough yet to figure out how to transfer cover art photos... :) Enjoy the big day!

Sandra Ferguson said...

What a great contest. You go, LA.

I'm putting your cover art up, right now.

Can't wait for my copy.

When are ya'll doing a book-signing? That's when I want mine.

Love that Elvis!

Anonymous said...

I hope your not gender biased :)Yes, I read Romance, posted a link and cover art on my blog... And the story is great. Once again, the element of time travel and romance make a great combo, love that Elvis too.

Sue L said...

You already know I loved the book!!

Cover art and recommendation are up on my blog. ...and apologies for being slow to post here!

Sue L

Anonymous said...

L.A. thank you for the "Texas Gift Basket". What a great idea. I have never been to the 'Lone Star State', makes me want to visit now. Someday I will escape from the "Beehive" and make it down south. (Oh my cat loves the box, bubble wrap, and tissue paper, it has become her playhouse. BTW, where did you get the Red Bandana tissue paper?)

L.A. Mitchell said...

I'm so glad the basket found you and pleased your cat liked it, too :)

The bandana tissue paper came from--where else?--the Texas store. What other state do you know is egocentric enough to have entire business devoted to it?

Sue L said...

>>...the Texas store. What other state do you know is egocentric enough to have entire business devoted to it?

I've bought the Texas shaped pasta for the kids and always wondered if other states had state-shaped pasta in the stores.