Friday, January 18, 2008

One Year and Seven Random Facts

Despite January marking the one year anniversary of this blog (Wow, that's a lot of philosophical bs), this is an inaugural MEME, tagged officially by Marilyn, unofficially by Maureen:

The rules of this MEME:
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Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.

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Here goes:

1. The only celebrity I've been close enough to smell was Ted Nugent. I know, right? Oh, and I got a hug from Scott Thompson Baker. If you weren't a GH fan around 1988, this will mean nada. While googling for a picture of him as Colton Shore, I ran across this beaut of him as Kudak'Etan in a Star Trek DSN episode. Do you recognize him now? I assure you, my encounter was infinately more satisfying with him than with the Motor City Madman.

2. I once roamed the dark streets of Munich, lost and alone for four hours when I was 18.

3. I prefer beer to any other form of alcohol. My favorite? Warm German beer mixed with lemonade.

4. I've seen a ghost.

5. A T.V. addiction I'll rarely admit to: Little House on the Prairie

6. I once wrote to Paramount Pictures under the pretense of an article about positive media influences on teenagers to satisfy my Richard Dean Anderson infatuation. They sent me a press kit so complete, the only things missing were duct tape and the chewing gum he used to make a bomb in season one. Can anyone say "shrine"?

7. There was a moment--a brief flash of near-death--nine years ago that I don't remember. I believe that instant was filled with nothing less than a guardian angel, and I've often wondered if it was one of those pre-ordained "exit" moments some believe we have in our lifetime.

And, in the interest of not wanting to unleash bad MEME karma, I tag: Sandra, Sherry, Jayliss, Andrea, Delores, Shannon and Melanie.


Marilyn Brant said...

With the exception of my inability to share in your beer-drinking preferences (there is no beer--foreign or domestic--that I can tolerate), we are SO alike, L.A.

You already know how I feel about "MacGyver"...and I absolutely LOVE that story about how you wrote to Paramount!

I haven't had a near-death flash, but I did have a brief guardian-angel-like moment once. We'll need to sit down with (different :) beverages and talk about these experiences sometime...

Andrea Geist said...

I'm not putting this o n our blog since we are in the middle of our round robin story. Great fun -

7 random or weird facts about me - this is difficult since I am weird so my facts seem ordinary.

1) As a child I would get so anxious, nervous and worried about what would happen during the Wonderful World of Disney that I would have to leave the room and stop watching the TV. I mean what if the cougar got shot?

2) I would have graduated college in 3 1/2 years but I was struggling in Advanced French Grammar. So I dropped my Italian and German electives. I studied and worried like I hadn't done throughout college. My final semester I took 2 electives: Human Sexuality and Music Appreciation.

3)I love sea salt and vinegar potato chips.

4) I had a crush on Donny Osmond of the Osmond brothers when I was a kid - posters on the wall, day dreams and staring at the album cover.

5) In my twenties 'something' would come into my room and shake the bed and call to me. I never opened my eyes, I was terrified. Once my boyfriend asked if someone had just been in the room.

6)I was a drama geek in junior high and highschool.

7) I used to watch Young Guns on TV. talk about silly!

L.A. Mitchell said...

I can totally see you in #1 :)

Who knew we have the same favorite chips? The Kettle ones are better than the Pringles.

Loved learning this stuff about you!

Sherry Davis said...

L.A., love the NDE story. You have to tell me more next time we sit down with a glass (wine for me and beer for you). Seven years ago? Hmmm.

I also loved RDA. And you know I'm a Stargate SG-1 fan, so I won't gush. (He's mine, okay? You're too young for him.)

Okay, seven weird things about me?

Hmm. Well, that thing I told you all on Christmas at Andrea's, for one. My mom is still a little freaked :) I won't be posting that on my blog, though. For the official seven, you'll have to visit me.