Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Particle Theory and The Woo-Woo Factor

In the scientific realm, there's a theory that states:

If two particles have been linked at any time during the history of the universe, they will always be able to communicate with each other.

I found this statement again while reading through my notes from Michael White's book Weird Science and it occured to me this theory is a common thread running through my novels. This is the driving premise behind the ending to my last book, Chasing Midnight. Subconciously, but even stronger is this theory in my current work, The Night Caller, where communication and the breech of the space-time continuum play such a heavy hand in the story.

So what is it about this theory that's so compelling? It smacks of a romanticized ideal, taking scientific proofs to an entirely different philosophical level. It speaks to the connectedness we all want, but strive a lifetime to find or hold onto. Do particles on a molecular level behave with the same properties as such complex human conditions as love? Hate? Does this explain psychic phenomenon science has yet to find measurable evidence for? The experience when we meet someone for the first time and it seems we've known them a lifetime or from somewhere we can't ever quite place? The undeniable gravity we feel toward a place we've never been? Do the greatest mysteries of the universe lie in the activity of base particles?

Have you ever felt linked to something or someone you couldn't explain?


Marilyn Brant said...

Yes. There have been both people I've been compelled to spend time with and places I couldn't seem to tear myself away from...for no apparent (logical) reason. Maybe I would've learned something regardless, but I always felt enriched by those odd experiences.

On the subject of exploring life at the particle level, have you seen the film Mindwalk?? (a poet, a politician and a physicist have a long conversation while visiting Mont St. Michel in northern France...)

Andrea Geist said...

L.A. I love reading your blogs. I love all this interesting physics, science, writing and romance combined.

Sandra Ferguson said...

Oooh, ultimately creepy.

I think you exist on a different level than I do. You're more in tune to the world outside the explainable. Why do you think that is? Why do you see what others are blind to?

I'm always amazed of the depth that you perceive the world. Me, I'm just a simple country gal, and the concept of what I can see bowls me over, much less what I can't.

Shannon Canard said...

I've always had something central to my inner being pulling me to England. The crowded cities, the bucolic countryside and the intrinsic relationship people have with the environment--long term. The amazing history in stone and land. And the ocean.

I've been there several times and I'm in love with the country. Wish I could live there at least for one entire summer. A birthday gift at some point in my future, perhaps?