Monday, July 30, 2007

The Time Machine - Week of July 30, 2007

The publicity gurus at Author Marketing Experts advise writers to become a filter of information, another important aspect of building "author brand". Blogs are a great way to disseminate market information, expert advice on an aspect of the craft, editor news--in short, anything writers want their audience to remember them for and keep coming back for more.

Because the time travel market is deemed "soft" right now, I can think of no better way to celebrate novels and other mediums of entertainment answering to the small niche of people like me. Those who find the infinitesimal possibilities of story when coupled with any aspect of time, one of the most fascinating backdrops for human drama.

Each Monday, you'll find market news, tidbits, excerpts, links--anything and everything related to this wicked stepchild of the sci-fi world, now awaiting a projected resurgence in popularity. ===============================================
This week: time-travel friendly publishers and links to submission guidelines; latest news on the upcoming Time Traveler's Wife movie

Have a time-altering twist in your manuscript? Check out these publishers:

New Concepts Publishing: ebook and print publisher guidelines

TOR/Forge: The most successful science fiction publisher worldwide guidelines

NOVA Sci-fi: accepts short stories up to 7, 000 words; previous creative writing credentials a must guidelines

ImaJinn Books: For time travel stories with romantic elements guidelines

Shooting for The Time Traveler's Wife begins September 10th in Toronto. Eric Bana will play Henry DeTamble and Rachel McAdams will portray Clare. Jeremy Leven, who wrote the adapted screenplay for The Notebook, teams up with Robert Schwentke, who directed Flightplan (2005).
Who would have been your pick to cast as Henry and Clare?


Sandra Ferguson said...

New info on the Urban Fantasy market -- okay, not exactly your cup of tea, but certainly in the Sci-Fi arena -- is on my blogsite.

Also learned of a different conference of interest.

Shannon Canard said...

OOOh, I loved Time Traveler's Wife. Loved it! I didn't know they were doing a movie. Nice.

And yes, please, keep us updated on all news related to time travel.

Marilyn Brant said...

I loved The Time Traveler's Wife, too! I knew it'd been optioned for film, but I'm very pleased to hear they're going to actually begin shooting so soon. Thanks for sharing the info :-).