Friday, May 4, 2007

A Writer's Chi

Between projects, the inevitable moment comes where the writer longs to purge the old to make way for the new--the mental bookmark our creativity seems to crave. I had this overpowering urge to rearrange my writing space, my subconscious connection to the environment trying to speak to me, perhaps. I decided it was time to learn about Feng Shui as it relates to writers.

Immediately, I recognized ways I "tweak" my writing environment before I'm able to get into the creativity zone, without knowing why I was performing these rituals. What I thought was my neurotic mental block about seeing paper scraps on the desk under my monitor or pens with no caps in my drawer, now makes perfect sense. Intuitively, we all know what "feels" right, but here are some tips to help writers achieve maximum productivity and enhance their creativity:

1. Place your writing desk in a "power position." Ideally, facing south (fame area) or northeast (education and knowledge area). Opposite the office door is the best position. If that places your back to the door (a location you could feel threatened or unprotected), a well-placed mirror or reflective surface can accomplish the same goal. Having a wall behind your chair, instead of a window, provides symbolic support for your work.

2. Create a nourishing view. The smudges on my wall I'd longed to attack with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser were, apparently, zapping my chi. Blues, purples and reds are the colors of prosperity. Make sure what you look at each day feeds your creative spirit.

3. Clear clutter. Anything around your writing space that's stacked, unfinished (ha!-I know!) or disorganized is the equivalent of emotional constipation. File cabinets and file boxes are your friends. Use them and purge them often. Remove any broken objects. Those naked pens in my desk drawer? Out. See, I wasn't crazy. This rule doesn't stop with the physical, but extends to the cyberworld, too. Keep your inbox clean. Delete files and software you haven't used in five years.

4. As you enter your writing space, what is in the far left corner? This is your prosperity and wealth corner. If you have a stack of manuscript rejections or tax-deductible receipts shoved into a box there, replace it with something meaningful, peaceful, or something that reflects your goals.

5. To clear negative electromagnetic stress, take frequent breaks--which we all know, but do we actually do it until our butt numbs?--place a clear or rose quartz near your computer to absorb negative emissions (No, not the curses coming from you when your characters aren't cooperating). Place a live plant nearby--peace lilies and a cactus called Cirrus Peruvianus--is ideal.

I can't say how much of this will impact my writing until I reach my next "mental bookmark," but why fight it? If it works for Donald Trump, it's worth a try.

Your one thing from the list you plan to do to improve your writing environment...


NeedleUp Digitizing LLC said...

Help! There's so many unfinished files and papers, I can't even find my far left corner! I have no more room for a file cabinet. My chi has been out of whack for a while now. I've always heard that a messy work area is the sign of a brilliant mind...there goes that theory!

Sherry Davis said...

Great article :)

I'm not sure if I've Feng Shui'd the right way, but I definitely know what you mean about the clutter and the unfinished business "messing" with the creative flow.