Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Number 2: Make A Difference

I started a "life list" the month I finished college. Sounds crazy, right? That all the aspirations of a lifetime could somehow line up single-file, in an orderly row and wait patiently, never lost or misplaced for the time when they could be scratched off. Everytime I clean out my desk or dust off my bookshelves, I find it. A tiny, black spiral full of random, silly accomplishments alongside dreams I hope will define me when I'm gone. I always check my progess to see if there's anything else I can cross off.

Not surprisingly, number one is "publish a novel".

Here are some I have left:

5. Set foot on or through all fifty states
8. Watch every Elvis movie ever made
9. Learn how to snowboard
13. Spend one New Year's Eve in Times Square
14. Be a contestant on a game show

This year I've been able to scratch through two, so far:

17. Fly a kite
7. Spend the night in a haunted house

What's on your "life list"?


Shannon Canard said...

I gotta think about this one. I'll get back to ya...

Anonymous said...

Good question. I accomplished my 'material goals' in my twenties.
My primary goal since then is to "Be a Good / Better Person". I keep working on that.
I really want to get published.
Love Ya - A

Eric said...

I want to visit the European and Asian continents, achieve level of accomplishment in my job, including chasing and seeing large tornado live in it's tranquility (yes, I meant that), while being in that quiet time warp for that moment.

I want to grow old with my love and see my children aspire and achieve the greater things in life.

So many more I could list, but I think we all have things to achieve, in what is this relative, short time warp known as "life".