Friday, March 2, 2007

Silent Lucidity

Some writers have a different flavor of music for every scene--a tune with the power to draw them into the characters and setting immediately. Blistering guitar for action scenes. Smoky jazz for intimate scenes.

For me, silence has sound. The same sweet absence of noise I experienced standing on a blackened street in nowhere, Kansas. Three am. Snow falling. A perfect harmony of stillness and solitude.

I hoarde moments of silence, stealing them away--craving them like an addiction stronger than any force pulling me in my life right now because they are so rare. For it is in the silence, I find my story. My voice. The total stream of consciousness where the magic happens. Lucid moments of dialogue and emotion that have the capacity to alter time itself. Where two hours can pass in a heartbeat, obligations fall by the wayside and the outside world pauses for a breath so I can reconnect with myself again in a way only writing can.

What's the sound of your magic?

Music in my head :: Silent Lucidity by Queensryche
Noises keeping the silence at bay:: distant car dealer commercial, truck rumbling down the street, hard drive humming.


Sherry Davis said...

Oh, gosh. How I do love the silence, too. It's precious.

That's my place, too. I love the word-painting of that blackened street in Kansas at 3 a.m. with the snow falling.

You are a writer!

Sandra Ferguson said...

Great work. This is strong writer, Laura. It flows across the page.

Good Stuff--insightful.

Sandra Ferguson said...

Hey, don't mind me, I've been working and can't type straight.

I meant it was strong writing!