Saturday, March 31, 2007

Jimmy Choos and Fast Food

I've actually entertained the thought of writing a story based on quantum entanglement. Wait...before your eyes glaze over with the same physics that used to give you hives in twelfth grade...picture this:

QE is basically the reverse arrow of time. If a woman picks up a glass vase and throws it at the wall, say, because she ruined her new Jimmy Choos, she has sent the initial wave of energy from the impact out into the universe. But physics states that everything has an equal and opposite reaction. Scientists call this an "echo wave," a measure of energy that comes backward through time. The reality we experience is where these two waves meet.

Translation into fiction? Maybe not. But think of the possibilities for characters. Perhaps they experience a "reversibility" where they see the vase particles coming together, reassembling as if they never happened, trapped in the echo wave. Maybe in this unseen place is a reality only the hero and heroine can see.

I can almost hear the nagging critic who's said to me before, "Why do you have to write things so complicated?" Maybe that's why the idea remains scrawled across the same notebook I use to spy on mall-goers wolfing down plates of lo mein for character studies. I'm not sure why my ideas don't come packaged up in neat fast-food containers, fit for quick consumption. Maybe I believe readers love to learn about life through fictional worlds. I love historical fiction because I come away with more knowledge of the time period than when I started. Maybe readers want to be taken on a journey and come to a greater understanding of their physical world at the same time.

This week :: The "what day is this?" revision stretch to the end.

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Sherry Davis said...

Ooohhh. I just love this post. It reallly has me thinking . . .

I'm with you. I like to learn as I go. Whether it be emotional growth or mental acrobats, I want to feel as if I'm coming away from the story richer.