Monday, July 2, 2012

This Little Piggy Went Erotic

At the risk of being super-girly and super-off-topic to start today's post, I digress from including a photo of my toes. But what writerly girl wouldn't love Sally Hanson's Salon Effects stickers in the "love letter" theme? It's a little bit of Hemmingway on my piggies for the summer. Don't bother reading the comments about how difficult they are to apply. It isn't like writing a literary masterpiece in a secondary language. It's more like writing Fifty Shades of Grey while eating a twinkie and watching Love in the Wild and hoping Ben stays longer just to hear his accent.

And, no. I'm still not over the whole Brit thing. I'm thinking my interest in the Olympics will be amped this year.

Speaking of Fifty Shades of Grey, the claws are out in writing circles. Some believe the quality of the writing is shameful and should never have been published. Some adore the books and find hope that an obscure little bit of fan fiction was able to find super-stardom (and money). My take on all this is that no one has a right to give an opinion until he/she is well-informed. First-person knowledge of the book in question. Here's a link to the free-sample opening courtesy of Random House Australia and Scribd. Should we judge the rest of the book by its opening? Hell yeah. That's the way the book industry rolls. Now you can have a well-informed opinion. You're welcome.

Did you notice the new pages of the blog? Snazzy, huh? I hope to add posts specific to ghostwriting soon. Until then, I wish you happy toes, accents like hot butter and the first few shades of grey.


the walking man said...

Yep you can rest assured I have no opinion on fifty Shades of Grey. I am glad it hit and sold and what not but *shrug* we all have goals and well not to be stupid sounding, getting rich by writing just isn't in my deck of cards.

How have you been by the way Laura?

Charles Gramlich said...

I actually read a few pages of Fifty shades in the bookstore the other day. I didn't think the writing was bad per se, although it certainly was pretty dull to me.

Dixie said...

Hi L.A.,
Lately I find myself surrounded by biographies. "Walt Disney" is probably the scariest one yet. Who knew? Fifty shades of plaid - yes.

Love the sticker choice! I'd probably go for the cheaper version. Write a sentence using 10 words, then write one word on each toe! Or maybe do a scrabble and the viewer rearranges the words to figure out the sentence/message. LOL.
Love the new look!