Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Semi-Neurotic Liberation

I waited to write this post because I wanted the fullness of the ghostwriting experience, from conception with client to full-length novel publication. Publication is nearly upon us; and with it, I'm sure, the semi-neurotic mood swings all writers go through when putting words out there for public consumption. I'm prepared for them. Been there, done that. What I wasn't prepared for in this process was how liberating it was.

I no longer had to worry about marketability of concept. I'm not a marketer. I no longer had to worry about titles and pen names and cover art and the thousand and one other decisions that go into a fully-formed project. I no longer had to anticipate a media blitz, reviews and social media-ing myself until I was hugging my knees in the corner of the closet, rocking back and forth, a feeble "tweet, tweet," whispering from my lips. I'm not a publicist or a software expert or a saleswoman. I am a writer. I wrote.

And therein lies true liberation.

I often think I was born in the wrong age. A hundred years ago, when the gatekeepers to the publishing world were the only path, writers were free to do what they did best. Create. Edit. Ponder. Write some more. The current publishing climate is for control freaks and workaholics and jackanabes that subsist on every review morsel, be it nourishing or not. I know, because I am one of them. Or was. I can feel my diet shifting back to a healthy dose of what this gig is all about. Creating. Editing. Pondering. Writing some more.

And loving it.

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Charles Gramlich said...

A writer writes. I've had that experience. I so want it again. Unfortunately, I do still want to sell my stuff too. I never thought of the freedom as an aspect of ghost writing.

Dixie said...

'Up close and personal'.
'Free at last, free at last.'
'Time to get back to the garden.'

the walking man said...

So now you can say BOO! with authority Laura.

Yea my cover art is turning out to be the hardest part of #4 that and the title.

Enjoy your re-found reborn revelations as to why you do what you do.

L.A. Mitchell said...

@Charles...There are some things you must be willing to release control over, yes. But you still hold all the strings over the story. I'm sure it's not for everyone.

@Dixie...Always so good to see you here. I love my positive, inspirational peeps ;) can you top 'Stink'? So straight and to the point. I am humbled by your ability to do that. Titles *are* like naming a child, though. They always come last for me. Dead last.

the walking man said...

Honestly Laura, I am not trying to top STINK or any of the others I am just writing and assembling another book of poetry about things I38 care about.