Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vinnie Barbarino, Time Traveler

Holy Scientology, Batman! Has it been that long since I posted? I'm collecting my thoughts on the reunion (read: Vortex 10 list still to come) but I couldn't leave Vortexers out flailing in the world without a spoonful of time travel fun to make the medicine of life go down.

Check out this 1860s photograph for sale on Ebay. Aside from the uncanny and obvious resemblance to John Travolta, the seller's paragraph is what interested me. For $250,000, who wouldn't want to weave a tale of time travel?

I've been so deep into my edits, I haven't even watched Terra Nova! I know, right? Time travel and Jason O'Mara! I must be sick in the head. Thus, the crickets chirping here, but I hope to have it all back in balance soon.

Next up: A Reunion Vortex 10


the walking man said...

So now that science has our DNA down to one female and two male ancestors from way way back and working out which came first of the males I think maybe the whole pictures from a two hundred years ago looking like someone today is not that amazing.

DNA the time traveler par excellence

Charles Gramlich said...

Wow, "dead" ringer!

Todd Wheeler said...

Looks like the eBay sale has been lowered to $50k. Since the highest other Ambrotype is only $3k, I think I'll wait this one out.

Unless, of course it is paired with an 1860's picture of Olivia Newton John as well.