Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bless Me Father, For I Still Have Impure Thoughts About The King

I didn't reflect last week on the anniversary of Elvis's death because that's not something I ever do. However, any excuse to celebrate the squeezy-packet of awesome that was The King does make me want to dance like this.

Dolores Hicks (then screen name Dolores Hart), co-star of Loving You starring a very young Elvis, once said of her screen kiss:

"I think the limit for a screen kiss back then was something like 15 seconds. That one has lasted 40 years."

Seven years after Loving You, she left Hollywood to become a nun.

Amen, sister. Why bother sampling the others, right?

Okay, this question is for the Vortex ladies....what kiss would make you become a nun?


the walking man said...

Not that I have anything against nuns (anymore) but this is not a good thing right? A kiss from Elvis making a woman want to become cloistered and celibate. I could see that from Hugh Hef but Elvis?

Charles Gramlich said...

You know what you call a group of Elvis impersonators?

A limo of Elvi