Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bestseller? There's an App For That?

It's taken me a good two weeks to get settled in enough with my iphone to be comfortable.  Of course, when I went app shopping, I searched "writing" first.  I wanted something that would be to me, as a fiction writer, what GasBuddy is to the Chevy Suburban gas-guzzling soccer mom.  So far, here's what I've discovered:

free WriteChain is a productivity tracker that is simplicity at its best.  Enter your daily word count goal, then log in each day to record your progress and add a link to the chain.  Somehow it's become a matter of national security for me not to break the chain. There's even a notepad for each session where you can record special notes for that day like, "Today kicked my badonkadonk.  Caffeine around 2 pm might help."

free Writing Tip of the Day is a daily lesson in grammar from those junior high years you were staring at the moody guy with the nice lips instead of the leprechaun teacher with the high-waisted pants.  Okay, wait.  That was probably just me.  Anyway, if you have any inkling to write fiction, you will already know more than these elementary tips. Skip this one.

If I find apps that can help me keep plot threads in order and at hand with a searchable feature OR track submissions OR play a rejection game where you blast "Dear Author" letters with a fountain pen OR listen to Fabio tell me how whannnnderful I did on my writing goals that day, I will have found my virtual heaven.

I'll update more as I find them.  Until then, I'll pass along this gem: 100 Free and Useful Web Apps for Writers

What are your favorite apps?


Charles Gramlich said...

Still don't have an Iphone and haven't felt much need yet. Maybe one day.

the walking man said...

uhhhhh what is an App?

Robin said...

I don't take advantage of my iphone nearly as much as I should. Thanks for this info!

And I have to tell you that you must go see "Midnight in Paris." It's a wonderful movie that I know you will love!

laughingwolf said...

i have a plain cellphone, my kid uses an iphone... like charles, i may or may not get one...nuff said....