Friday, April 1, 2011

Past to Future, Fails and Wins

Next week is special. It's a calculated, hopeful step closer to publication. It's the breaking down of my polished, golden-to-me words into something messy and disturbing so they can become that fully-unearthed fossil. It's an intense step away from reality to live and breathe my story with the guidance of a literary Mr. Miagi. I have preps to do, so I leave you with two juicy tidbits of something that has always fascinated me: revisiting the past making predictions of the future.

The first is ten vintage video clips of ways previous generations believed our lives would be now. It's not the Jetsons, but it's close.

The second is a Friday-worthy look at all the ways Back to the Future got it right.

Hmm. Makes me want to pull out my Heinlein novels.

Have a fantastic weekend (and week!)


Todd Wheeler said...

Great links.

And I will say this to my dying day:
Where's my jetpack!?!

Charles Gramlich said...

i wouldn't mind a little heinlein

Stewart Sternberg said...

I want to be someone's literary Mr. Miagi! The thought of snapping a fly in mid air with chopsticks is irresistible. As for revisiting past predictions---I always feel cheated when I see where people think we should have traveled by now.

Caryn Caldwell said...

Oh, fun! Well, not at the time, perhaps, but afterward you'll be so glad you tore your novel apart and then put it back together again. At least, I hope so. Good luck with revisions!

Robin said...

Best of luck, L.A.! I've no doubt the guidance combined with your incredible talent will result in an announcement from you!

Have a wonderful week!