Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Writer's Process, On Film

I've been asked before what goes on in a writer's head during the creative process. Do I see events like a movie? Do I carry on conversations with characters until we figure it out together? What is the leap into the story world like?

To an extent, it's a little like the Adam Sandler movie, Bedtime Stories, minus the input from pint-sized critics. In that preoccupied corner of our brains, it rains gumballs and midgets kick us in the shins and that amazing kiss really does happen under the pier.

An obscure short film, Writer's Block, portrays this perfectly. My affinity for it, no doubt, stems from my own recent block, rough patch, chain of endless excuses-whatever you want to call it. I can laugh at it because it's mercilessly behind me, for now.


laughingwolf said...

glad you're over that funk, lam... now, get back to work! ;) lol

Charles Gramlich said...

Definitely glad the block is breaking down. It happens. Part of the process, I guess.

Robin said...

So glad it's behind you! Happy writing! ((hugs))

Fathatter said...

Ha-ha! I loved the Bedtime Stories reference. I at times do imagine things to see if it leads to any good ideas. Nice post.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Nice. I just sent it to different people. You know, I don't have writers' block anymore. I have found that if I am writing for a specific market, responding to a "call for submissions" by a certain deadline, I usually come up with something. That, and I write every day.

teebee3 said...

hahahahahhaa that video is SOO true and funny at first i'm like lame!! But then I died laughing! And I'm in love with that picture of the telephone booth!

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