Wednesday, December 9, 2009

But the Fire Is So Delightful

It's a round-up of awesomeness here at The Vortex. Yea, have I been the Queen of Less-Than-Fruitful-Multi-tasking but not so busy that I failed to keep up with temporal and writerly links of awesomeness.

Remember Physics of the Impossible, that ultra-fascinating non-fiction book by rock-star-to-time-travel nerds, Michio Kaku? In a fit of pure inspiration, the powers that be at the Science Channel have translated the bestselling book into a series that began in early December. Already, they've covered parallel universes and light sabers. Light sabers, people. I'd roll my hair into two sticky-bun-shaped saucers if I could get my hands on one of those.

If the thought of LOST returning in mere weeks has Sawyer-esque wisecracks slipping off the tongue at your holiday festivities, why not feed your sarcasm with the Top 70 LOST quotes from Seasons 1-5? And while we're on the subject, the just-released season five DVD set features LOSTUniversity. Who wouldn't want to be schooled on how to survive the jungle by Josh Holloway? Ants? Sure I'll eat them if you'll share my airline-seat-as-recliner.Link

And finally, for those moments when your scene isn't flowing, why not try the authormatic? Three minutes of pure mad-libs-type fun. If you try it, be sure to leave yours in the comments for us to enjoy.

I'm firmly entrenched in an epic holiday battle between what I want to do and what I must do, so posts may ride the coat tails of randomness right now. While holing myself up to write in a mountain cabin with a fire and a raging snowstorm outside seems unlikely, it's still on my list for Santa. Someday, it will happen. Right about the time this guy shows up on a rescue snowmobile with a three book contract in one hand and a box of Ho-hos in the other.

What do you hope to find in your stocking this year?


Charles Gramlich said...

I'm hoping for gift certificates to book stores in my stocking.

Todd Wheeler said...

I'm hoping for a nice heat wave to melt all this snow.

It can return in January.

Rick said...

I'm with you. Writing in a hide-away cabin sounds awesome!

Jen FitzGerald said...

See's Candy patties: Bourdeaux - Yummy!
Post It Notes
Jonas Armstrong

Pamela Cayne said...

I can offer a box of Ho-Hos, but you need to stick with Santa on the rest.

Merry merry!

the walking man said...

I hope you get all your wants from Gilles...but I ain't going to the authormatic thing. I have come to know that you present always the best time sucks in every dimension.

L.A. Mitchell said...

@Charles-always a win-win in my stocking, too :) I hope you get some.

@Todd-Why ask for it back in January? Won't it be a pain then, too? Stay warm.

@Rick-it's a writing cliche, but it's there for a reason. If we didn't love isolation, even for a bit, we wouldn't write.

@Jen-you are a woman easily pleased...until we get to Jonas. Good luck with

@Pamela-I'll make the cocoa, you bring the ho-hos :D

@walkingman-I'll take the time-suck thing as a compliment :)

Todd Wheeler said...

Ah, just being realistic, a sop to the fates in exchange for my wish.

In any case, the snow seems to be here to stay. Going to be one of those long, cold winters.