Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day Three: The Smell of Progress

From the land of Am-I-Coherent?

Did someone seriously slap an author-I use the word author loosely here-at a book signing today? That degree of excitement would be a serious improvement over the guy who went on a diatribe about rattlesnakes and the pubescent boy that muttered, "I think my mom reads those things" at my signings. Bitch-slap me if it'll put my release on a top CNN headline. I can take one for the team.

Today, I steered clear of Starbucks. I think Walkingman messed with my Fast Draft mojo, so went to Coffee Shop #3. They're having a music fest Friday night. I'd SO be there *cough*unlikely*cough* if they'd fix the lone toilet in the women's restroom. Oh, and yeah, tell me it's broken AFTER my sixteen-plus ounces. What of the men's room you ask? Pshaw! Some of the male patrons were using it as their office with a capital O, if you know what I mean. No, thanks anyway. It was a battle-royale at day's end between my bladder's crippling need to go home and the sweet spot of magic that comes during Fast Draft long about day three.

Today's word count: 6754 (and I teared up twice! And it wasn't even the stench from the men's room!)
Total since Monday: 18,536


Rick said...

Some days are easier than others, L.A. I'm voting for you to have a great day tomorrow because you deserve it!

Charles Gramlich said...

I've never inspired that much emotion. Sadly perhaps.

the walking man said...

18.5k in three days. Must be the better grade of coffee.

If anyone btch slaps you at a signing let me know, I'll get your name on CNN as an accessory to murder. We has our own way of dealing with rudeness and assault here.

Todd Wheeler said...

You are a writing machine! Go, go, go!

Jen FitzGerald said...

LOL, the walking man!

YAY, L.A.! You are a writing machine--keep up the good work.


Miladysa said...

Turns out the 'slapper' was a schizophrenic and failed ex factor auditionee. Leeona seems to be such a sweet person too - shame this should happen to her. I hope the experience hasn't shaken her too much.

Good luck with the writing :)