Monday, November 17, 2008

A Grand March Into Random Thoughts

You caught me again in a scattered moment. I can't pin my thoughts into one cohesive, philosophical waxing, so I won't even try. Maybe after this brain purge, I can get back to focusing on my novel's final read-through.

Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Contest is streaking an excited path through all the listservs and blogs, the second-round promise of that paved highway to publication leaving all the unpubs atwitter. I know. I was an entrant last year. Any contest of that magnitude the year of its inception was destined to have problems. I hope they've worked them out. Most who read this know I'm a glass half-full kinda person; and, far be it from me to advise anyone considering entering the contest, but I aim to shoot it straight. I met some wonderfully talented writers in the same boat as me. You'll find all kinds in your peer group of entrants. The cutthroats. The ones spewing peace and moments of zen that would put the 60's to shame. The "expert" unpubs who deem it their job to comment on everyone's work. Although Amazon will ask you to label your entry a specific genre, I don't believe the hugely talented panel of judges is looking for genre fiction, certainly not romance. It is free; it is a shot. I do preach writers must get their stuff out there. I'm just sure the there is not where I want to be. To read a post I wrote in the thick of the competition, click here, or visit Maureen McGowan's blog and do a keyword search for Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. Her novel made the one hundred cut last year, which is a huge accomplishment. Yeah, Maureen!

Wal-Mart on a Sunday is some kind of cosmic punishment for something I haven't fully realized yet. Snark, maybe, or putting a half-moon up for a post last week, which inspired almost no one to speak up. Anyway, I found the perfect way to pass the time while subjected to this counter-culture shopping event. Wal-Mart bingo!

Crazy electrical things keep happening around me this weekend. Not that I'm self-important enough to think a huge grid of power is based on me, but a peep told me Friday night that it's easy for spirits to manipulate electrical things. Suspicious activity has increased here at Casa Mitchell. Of course, the incidents have been firmly relegated to my I'm-delirious-from-edits part of my left brain. Did I just see what I thought I saw-twice?? Na.

I participated in my first Grand March this past weekend. Nothing says bonding like a hundred strangers bouncing up and down to polka music, exploring the limitations of their Right Guard. I smiled so much that day, my cheeks ached. Now that is a day of life well spent.

If you haven't played Loaded Questions, get it. Not only will it teach you things you never imagined about the people you surround yourself with, it's like every writer's perfect fantasy of "what if". Now my critique group knows I think about Eric Estrada on occasion, believe the dirtiest job in the world is airplane bathroom cleaner and look in the mirror X number of times per day. I'm SO not revealing that one. My favorite question? I'll leave it with you here:

If you could be invisible for one day, what would you do?


Charles Gramlich said...

For your invisibility question, let's just say it's a good thing I can't be invisible for a day.

Maureen McGowan said...

Thanks for the shout out, L.A.!

Todd Wheeler said...

Invisible for a day, I would right wrongs, fight injustice, and hope my fingerprints were invisible as well.

Pam said...

I thought the same thing about the Amazon contest and genre fiction. I think I'll stick to some RWA contests instead.

Barbara Martin said...

Thanks for you input on the Amazon contest, though I have a tendency to steer away from such things. I'd rather try the short story publications with e-zines and magazines to get a novel published.

Marilyn Brant said...

I'd skulk around my son's elementary school and watch how the teachers and administrators act toward the kids when they think the parents aren't around.

Stewart Sternberg said...

I love that question. Yes, I would probably do all the predictable things: a little voyeurism, maybe a little theivery, maybe some harmless pranks. Go figure. I lack imagination.

L.A. Mitchell said..., too. It would all be pranks and voyeurism :)

No problem, Maureen

Todd...all very honorable. I'm embarrassed these weren't my first thoughts.

Pam..I know what you mean. Not many contests outside of RWA are romance-friendly.

Barbara...that can be an excellent way to access publishers. devious one, you.

Stewart...I'm pretty sure I'd board a tour bus...whose shall remain a secret...shhh!