Friday, July 25, 2008

I Want to Believe

At the risk of hanging my gomer side out, I must confess how the prospect of a new X-files morsel leaves me tingly and channeling my inner pocket protector diva. Not enough to pick up and trek to the movie alone tonight, as I reside on a disturbing island of people who only recognize reality and all things grounded, but enough to gorge on 2 am re-runs until my CP finishes going all Pro-Liason on me in San Fran next week.

I want to believe that this stand-alone theatrical attempt to recapture the Mulder-Scully magic hasn't become a casualty of its own warped loss of time--much longer than the nine minutes they lost on a vacant New Mexico highway. That special freakishness that catapulted the series to cult status is the very thing that has become distilled over a decade, the weird in pop-culture now a rule rather than the exception.

I want to believe that my preoccupation with David Duchovny wasn't simply a by-product of the sparse inspirational landscape that was the early 90's.

I want to believe it's possible to sustain a storyline's sexual tension over fifteen years without the characters realizing that sleeping on the couch and watching porn during non-working hours has dimmed the romance.

I want to believe it's possible for beautiful nerd chicks to become even more stunning with time.

I want to believe that someday when I show my children the donated X-files memorabilia in the Smithsonian, they'll not take one look at me, roll their eyes and suggest their father's Snoopy dance would be far more entertaining.

I want to believe that shining a bulb beneath my blinds at night will bring elderly, smoking men who will cryptically foretell of a great list in the New York Times that will contain the name L.A. Mitchell.

I want to believe a bee sting will not get in the way this time.

I want to believe the wild-haired self-published author I met at the Weatherford booksigning spouting a conspiracy theory about Wal-mart is NOT Max Fenig.

If you're a Phile, own it here so you can inhabit my island for a bit. We'll sustain on a steady diet of obscure, random trivia and sunflower seeds.


Charles Gramlich said...

I want to believe that I can believe.

Charles Gramlich said...

You know, I don't really know what my last post means. I enjoyed "your" post, though. Hope springs eternal.

Stewart Sternberg said...

I love nerd chicks. And as for believing, count me in. I'm off to see the movie tonight, and I'll be drooling and making absurd whimpers by the end of the film. I want to believe.

Vwriter said...

I am in absolute awe of your blog. Where did you get that cool clock!?

As Stewart knows, I don't actually watch TV, and I'm just getting used to movies. But this new X-Files movie will allow me to immerse in both, so it will do double duty. I'll definitley go to watch it.

I have gone on Sasquatch hunts (doing a book on same), UFO chases, and yes I confess to actually not only investigating reports of hauntings, but I have seen a ghost. For me, they are wonderful fun and an endless source of story ideas and a way to meet some interesting (if a little over-focused) people who tell their eye-popping, hair-raising stories with unabashed zeal. What more could a writer ask for?

Marilyn Brant said...

I was wildly excited when I heard this movie was coming out. The reviews on it have been less than stellar so far, but I know I'll see it anyway :).

Funny thing about the TV show, I didn't start watching it for several seasons (the previews for it always scared me or creeped me out), but once I realized how much humor and romantic tension C.Carter and the writers had created alongside the suspenseful paranormal stuff, I became an addict and had to watch from the beginning. "Hollywood, A.D." will probably always be my favorite episode, though. LOVED that one. The zombie-actor with his tofurkey demands still makes me laugh.

Jen FitzGerald said...

Hey, L.A., we can meet in the middle and go see it, if you like - I'm game. I watched fifty-two episodes in the span of 10 days one summer not too long ago.


L.A. Mitchell said...

It was very philosophical, Charles. We're all about that here.

Stewart, I need to know the bees won't get in the way...wait..I don't want to know. Ah. Thanks for stopping by.

Marilyn, I think my favorite is still when Mulder trades bodies with the suburban guy. Or the writer who spies on Scully. God help me if I ever get that desperate to finish a book, although I'm not too far off now.

Jen, you get the prize for most O.D-ed X-files binge :)

L.A. Mitchell said...

VWriter, I guess we have the ghost thing in common. I'd love to hear about yours sometime. The moving clock is from Thanks for the visit.

Sandra Ferguson said...

Have you seen this movie? I heard the reviews were terrible, but the trailers looked great so I'm dying to know if it was worth the cash for entrance.

Stop by my blog and see my launch for my website. Oh, wait, you were already there. Thanks for visiting.

Hubby pulled it off. Now, if he can just fix my dryer I may give him anything -- and I do mean anything -- that he wants.

Melanie Atkins said...

I'm all for shippiness. Mulder and Scully set the tone and they are held in awe on the SVU boards by all the E/O fans. Long live the ship!! Woot!

Jen FitzGerald said...

Hey, L.A. - I heard there was a short scene after the credits, so make sure you stick around for it.