Friday, October 12, 2007

The Lost Highway

The Wild Rose Press has selected "The Lost Highway" to be part of a Texas-themed anthology for Spring 2008! Here's a teaser:

On a desolate west Texas highway, a man at a crossroads in his life meets a beautiful woman, lost in more ways than any cardinal direction on a map. Her pristine 1959 Thunderbird, her matronly dress and her optimism conspire to place her firmly out of touch with reality. In a race against the clock to reconnect with an old love, he discovers the captivating stranger has driven straight out of her own time and into the abandoned shell of his heart.

Sadly, the exact '59 Thunderbird I used for my inspiration was sold and taken off its web page, but here's a look at the outside shape and the cherry-red and white interior that became so important in the story:

Looks like they were selling the American dream or something that closely resembled love (Unless, of course, he's making the universal man-joke gesture).

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Andrea Geist said...

I cannot wait to buy the book. Well deserved congradulatons.